As we are investing our hard-earned money the first and foremost thing is to check whether the project is approved or not by Government authorities like RERE, Urban local bodies, and bank approvals. Otherwise, there may be a chance of things go out of track at the initial efforts.

Suitable Location

Is our choice close to the basic needs? This question must arise in our mind, in the matter of location our residential abode. It must be in a prime location with respect to proximity to essential infrastructures like schools, Workplaces, hospitals, supermarkets, transportation, and other useful landmarks.

Residential Safety

Security is one of the important factors for homebuyers to opt for in residential gated communities. Limited access to outers plays a vital role in our privacy. Gated communities provide 24×7 surveillance which is important, especially, for the safety of children and the elderly.

Water and Power Supply

In urban spaces, water scarcity and power interruptions will be more in peak summers. This will be overcome by gated communities as they follow the norms in constructing green buildings for groundwater recharging, and usage of renewable resources like solar. So checking this amenity should be a top priority.

Children’s Play Area

We are extra cautious to give our children a fun-filled childhood. Gated communities ameliorate this thing by providing a safe and green play area for children. Moreover, fresh air and physical activity add advantage to our child’s health and hygiene. Make sure that this amenity is available at the community you are opting for.

Recreational facilities

To come out of a sedentary lifestyle, recreational activities are essential to everybody. Nowadays luxurious houses are providing facilities like a modern clubhouse, lake view, spa, preview theatre, swimming pool, Indoor and Outdoor Stadium, Gym, Play Area for kids, Pre-school, crèche, cafeterias, multipurpose Hall, etc. Are some of the modern facilities provided within the gated community these kinds of amenities help us lead a comfortable and happier life.

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